Private - all signatories

(16) First name Last name Title Organization City Country Date
1. Sridhar Gutam Senior Scientist Indian Council of Agricultural Research Ranchi India 2015/05/04  
2. Christian Gutknecht Swiss National Science Foundation Bern Switzerland 2014/11/06  
3. Anton Güntsch Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem Berlin Germany 2014/10/29  
4. Bruno Granier Professeur des Universités Université de Bretagne Occidentale Brest France 2014/08/12  
5. Eulàlia Garcia-Franquesa Head of collections Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona Barcelona Spain 2014/07/31  
6. Cable Green Director of Global Learning Creative Commons Olympia United States 2014/07/11  
7. Chris Georgiadis Dr University of Athens Athens Greece 2014/06/28  
8. Nicholas Griffith Collections Technician Bishop Museum Honolulu United States 2014/06/25  
9. Bruno Granouillac Mr IRD Montpellier France 2014/06/13  
10. Simon Grove Dr Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Hobart Australia 2014/06/13  
11. Roman Gerlach Project Coordinator BExIS++ Jena Germany 2014/06/12  
12. Quentin Groom Dr Botanic Garden Meise Meise Belgium 2014/06/12  
13. Penelope Greenslade Environmental Management Federation University Ballarat Australia 2014/06/12  
14. Anaïs Grand Service dPatrimoine Naturel Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle Paris France 2014/06/12  
15. Georgios V. Gkoutos Reader in Bioinformatics Department of Computer Science, University of Aberystwyth Old College United Kingdom 2014/06/12  
16. Robert Guralnick President of the Board JRS Biodiversity Foundation Denver United States 2014/06/12